91 (<1)
Scalable-WordPress-deployment-on-Kubernetes — This code showcases the full power of Kubernetes clusters and shows how can we deploy the world's most popular website framework on top of world's most popular container orchestration platform.
Similar WordPress
18 (<1)
gke-wordpress — Google Kubernetes Engine WordPress with Google Cloud SQL in Helm Charts
13 (<1)
tutorial-kubernetes-wordpress — Files for https://struscode.com tutorial series - Learn Kubernetes for free - Create fast SSL secured Wordpress website
17 (<1)
wordpress-operator v0.1.8 — WordPress operator for Kubernetes
12 (<1)
stack v0.2.0 — Open-Source WordPress Infrastructure on Kubernetes
3 (<1)
k8-byexamples-wordpress — wordpress @ kubernetes. Persistent Volumes, ConfigMaps, Ingress, Let's Encrypt, oh my!
4 (<1)
wordpress — Dockerized wordpress for Openshift and Kubernetes
4 (<1)
wordpress-k8s-CICD-AWS — Wordpress example CI/CD pipeline in AWS running in Kubernetes cluster
3 (<1)
geo-wordpress — A toy sample that sets up a geo-distributed Wordpress across three Kubernetes clusters in three GCE regions
2 (<1)
wordpress-kube — Wordpress on Kubernetes (Deploy with Kubespray)

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