Reverse Proxy

19814 (+11)
traefik — The Cloud Native Edge Router
Similar Reverse Proxy
1600 (<1)
skipper — An HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition, including use cases like Kubernetes Ingress
Similar Reverse Proxy
73 (<1)
kubernetes-reverseproxy — Reverse proxy for kubernetes
Similar Reverse Proxy
18 (<1)
docker-knginx — OpenResty/Nginx to Reverse Proxy Kubernetes Services
Similar Reverse Proxy
190 (<1)
grpc-http-proxy v0.1.2 — A reverse proxy server which translate JSON HTTP requests to gRPC calls based on protoreflect
1 (<1)
NginxReverseProxy — Nginx reverse proxy for micro srevices inside kubernetes cluster
2 (<1)
kubernetes-front-end-backend-example — Demonstration on how to setup ingress, two services ( frontend and backend) with reverse proxy
6 (<1)
kube-parity — kubernetes parity cluster with reverse proxy tls
4 (<1)
kube-httpcache v0.1.4 — Varnish Reverse Proxy on Kubernetes
19 (<1)
kube-nginx-proxy — Nginx reverse proxy for Kubernetes services and pods powered by annotations

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