86 (<1)
125 (<1)
redis-cluster — Redis Cluster setup running on Kubernetes
148 (<1)
kubernetes-redis-cluster — Kubernetes Redis Cluster configs and tutorial
200 (<1)
redis-operator 0.5.4 — Redis Operator creates/configures/manages high availability redis with sentinel automatic failover atop Kubernetes.
9 (<1)
codis-operator — Codis Operator creates and manages codis clusters(proxy based Redis cluster solution) running in kubernetes.(WIP)
11 (<1)
connexion-example-redis-kubernetes — Connexion Example REST Service with Redis Store
175 (<1)
k8s-install-scripts — kubernetes install scripts,that includes etcd、kubernetes、flannel、docker,and there are many yaml files here,for example the kubernetes addones,redis,rabbitmq,mongo,traefik,ingress-nginx,cpehfs and so on.
Similar Etcd
172 (<1)
Kubernetes-container-service-GitLab-sample — This code shows how a common multi-component GitLab can be deployed on Kubernetes cluster. Each component (NGINX, Ruby on Rails, Redis, PostgreSQL, and more) runs in a separate container or group of containers.
Similar Rails
10 (<1)
CloudFlix — Highly scalable video streaming website built with microservices (Go, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, gRPC, Redis, RabbitMQ, Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger/Zipkin)

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