32 (<1)
kubernetes-php-nginx — Run Nginx + PHP (FPM) on your Kubernetes cluster!
Similar PHP
67 (<1)
php-fpm-healthcheck v0.2.0 — A POSIX compliant sh script to healthcheck PHP fpm status, can be used only for pinging or check for specific metrics
2 (<1)
easy-kubernetes-nginx-php — Single node cluster to host php application with minimum effort
81 (<1)
symfony-docker v1.0 — Docker Environment for Symfony. PHP-FPM, NGINX SSL Proxy, Postgres, MySQL, LEPP, LEMP
11 (<1)
kubernetes-php-client v1.13.3-beta.0 — Kubernetes PHP Client
24 (<1)
drupal-nginx-php-kubernetes — Demonstration of a set of NGINX and PHP-FPM containers running Drupal deployed to Kubernetes on the IBM Container Service. This is a work in progress.
3 (<1)
Skeleton-Docker-Microservices — Base project of PHP oriented to DDD (Domain Driven Design), CQRS, Hexagonal Architecture and Microservices and using Docker, Kubernetes,, Nginx, React, MongoDb, Symfony Flex and Symfony 4, this base of project use git submodules for connect with other microservices
7 (<1)
prlx-nginx-php-fpm — Clean, minimal Nginx-PHP image for Docker/Kubernetes
34 (<1)
presentation-from-docker-to-kubernetes — How can we deploy PHP applications using Docker containers? How can we scale PHP applications using Kubernetes? This presentation will make an overview over these questions, mixing the pratical and theory.
14 (<1)
kubernetes-api-php-client — PHP client for the kubernetes api

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