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ingress-nginx — NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes
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kubernetes-ingress v1.4.3 — NGINX and NGINX Plus Ingress Controllers for Kubernetes
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easy-kubernetes-nginx-php — Single node cluster to host php application with minimum effort
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symfony-docker v1.0 — Docker Environment for Symfony. PHP-FPM, NGINX SSL Proxy, Postgres, MySQL, LEPP, LEMP
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k8s-install-scripts — kubernetes install scripts,that includes etcd、kubernetes、flannel、docker,and there are many yaml files here,for example the kubernetes addones,redis,rabbitmq,mongo,traefik,ingress-nginx,cpehfs and so on.
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Kubernetes-container-service-GitLab-sample — This code shows how a common multi-component GitLab can be deployed on Kubernetes cluster. Each component (NGINX, Ruby on Rails, Redis, PostgreSQL, and more) runs in a separate container or group of containers.
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ghost-on-kubernetes — Build Ghost personal Blog on Kubernetes Google Cloud cluster with MySQL backend database, Nginx web server and LetsEncrypt SSL certificate
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NginxReverseProxy — Nginx reverse proxy for micro srevices inside kubernetes cluster
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gke-datadog-demo — This project demonstrates how a third party solution, like Datadog, can be used to monitor a Kubernetes Engine cluster and its workloads. Using the provided manifest, you will install Datadog and a simple nginx workload into your cluster. The Datadog agents will be configured to monitor the nginx workload, and ship metrics to your own Datadog account.
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multi-tier-kubernetes — Angular front end on nginx, SpringBoot APIs and MongoDB


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    NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

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