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kubernetes-nfs-server — YAML and instructions for deploying an nfs-server in K8S
Similar NFS
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nfs-server-on-linux-container — Setup NFS Server on Linux Container instead of local host for added security and avoid any configuration changes on host machine. Linux container can created and destroyed any number of times without losing data on host.
21 (<1)
kubernetes-nfs-volume-on-gke — kubernetes-nfs-volume-on-gke
1 (<1)
ansible-role-k8s-nfs — NFS on Kubernetes Example
29 (<1)
edge-dev — NexentaEdge DevOps Edition, scale-out S3, SWIFT, NFS and iSCSI/NBD unified storage solution
2 (<1)
nfs_exporter v1.0 — prometheus nfs exporter
210 (<1)
volplugin — **EXPERIMENTAL** Contiv Storage: Policy backed Clustered Storage (via Ceph or NFS) for Docker
5 (<1)
kubernetes-vagrant — This Vagrantfile is for the deployment of a Kubernetes platform with a single master and multiple nodes. This platform uses Canal as the CNI plug-in. In addition, NFS service is provided for persistent storage.
3 (<1)
nfs-flex-volume — Go implementation of Kubernetes FlexVolume driver for NFS


    3 weeks ago
    kubernetes-nfs-server (Reached 10 ⭐)
    YAML and instructions for deploying an nfs-server in K8S

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