7309 (+3)
vitess — Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL.
Similar MySQL
365 (<1)
mysql-operator 0.3.0 — Create, operate and scale self-healing MySQL clusters in Kubernetes
Similar MySQL
98 (<1)
kubernetes-mysql-cluster v2.0.0 — The simplest SQL cluster that could possibly work
104 (<1)
presslabs/mysql-operator v0.2.2 — Bulletproof MySQL on Kubernetes using Percona Server
81 (<1)
symfony-docker v1.0 — Docker Environment for Symfony. PHP-FPM, NGINX SSL Proxy, Postgres, MySQL, LEPP, LEMP
4 (<1)
ghost-on-kubernetes — Build Ghost personal Blog on Kubernetes Google Cloud cluster with MySQL backend database, Nginx web server and LetsEncrypt SSL certificate
3 (<1)
kolide-fleet-chart — kolide-fleet-chart Chart for Kubernetes includes kolide-fleet, MySQL Database and Redis cache
9 (<1)
k8s-mysql-group-replication — PoC for setting up MySQL Group Replication on Kubernetes
14 (<1)
mortis — Complete solution from Web/Mobile/Desktop to Restapi and update server. Targeting Web, iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, and Linux. Implemented with Angular 4, Ionic 3, Electron, NodeJS, Squirrel, Mysql, Redis, Minikube, Docker, and Kubernetes.
35 (<1)
kube-mysqldump-cron — Backup and restore MySQL databases using Kubernetes Cron Jobs or Docker

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