4058 (+3)
dashboard v1.10.1 — General-purpose web UI for Kubernetes clusters
Similar Monitoring
3046 (<1)
scope — Monitoring, visualisation & management for Docker & Kubernetes
Similar Monitoring
443 (<1)
cabin — The Mobile Dashboard for Kubernetes
Similar Monitoring
34607 (+43)
netdata v1.12.0-rc2 — Real-time performance monitoring, done right!
812 (<1)
banzaicloud/pipeline — Pipeline enables developers to go from commit to scale in minutes by turning Kubernetes into a feature rich application platform integrating CI/CD, centralized logging, monitoring, enterprise-grade security and autoscaling.
174 (<1)
kubernetes-kargo-logging-monitoring — Deploy kubernetes cluster with kargo
299 (<1)
camilb/prometheus-kubernetes 2.1.0 — Monitoring Kubernetes clusters on AWS, GCP and Azure using Prometheus Operator and Grafana
408 (<1)
kubeadm-workshop — Showcasing a bare-metal multi-platform kubeadm setup with persistent storage and monitoring
530 (<1)
stream-reactor — Streaming reference architecture for ETL with Kafka and Kafka-Connect. You can find more on on how we provide a unified solution to manage your connectors, most advanced SQL engine for Kafka and Kafka Streams, cluster monitoring and alerting, and more.
830 (<1)
zabbix-docker-monitoring v0.6.8 — :whale: Docker/Kubernetes/Mesos/Marathon/Chronos/LXC/LXD/Swarm container monitoring - Docker image, Zabbix template and C module

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