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istio — Connect, secure, control, and observe services.
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fabric8 — fabric8 is an open source microservices platform based on Docker, Kubernetes and Jenkins
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microservices-demo — Deployment scripts & config for Sock Shop
355 (+1)
event-sourcing-microservices-example — Learn about event sourcing and CQRS and how to deploy a social network to Kubernetes using Docker Compose.
471 (+1)
microservices-demo — Sample cloud-native application with 10 microservices showcasing Kubernetes, Istio, gRPC, OpenCensus and more.
485 (<1)
istio-tutorial — Istio Tutorial for Java Microservices
1545 (<1)
ambassador — open source Kubernetes-native API gateway for microservices built on the Envoy Proxy
5 (<1)
microserivces-istio — Example for a microservices system based in Kubernetes and the service mesh Isitio
330 (<1)
spring-boot-microservices-on-kubernetes — In this code we demonstrate how a simple Spring Boot application can be deployed on top of Kubernetes. This application, Office Space, mimicks the fictitious app idea from Michael Bolton in the movie "Office Space".
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KubernetesAndDockerWithSpring — Deploying two microservices in Springboot with Docker and Kubernetes


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    istio (Reached 10000 ⭐)
    Connect, secure, control, and observe services.

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