Machine Learning

5658 (+4)
kubeflow — Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes
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3442 (+1)
pipeline — PipelineAI: Real-Time Enterprise AI Platform
Similar Machine Learning
1773 (<1)
polyaxon — A platform for reproducible and scalable machine learning and deep learning on kubernetes
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647 (<1)
seldon-core — Machine Learning Deployment for Kubernetes
440 (<1)
FfDL v0.1.1-rc — Fabric for Deep Learning (FfDL, pronounced fiddle) is a Deep Learning Platform offering TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch etc. as a Service on Kubernetes
9 (<1)
awesome-AI-kubernetes — :snowflake: :whale: Awesome tools and libs for AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Data Science, Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing that are baked in the oven to be Native on Kubernetes and Docker with Python, R, Scala, Java, C#, Go, Julia, C++ etc
1381 (<1)
seldon-server v1.4.10 — Machine Learning Platform and Recommendation Engine built on Kubernetes
1 (<1)
hbcbh1999/riseml — Scalable deep learning platform for Kubernetes
27 (<1)
kubecon-ml — A demonstration of existing machine learning toolkits on Kubernetes
2 (<1)
batcomputer — A working example of DevOps & operationisation applied to Machine Learning


    2 months ago
    kubeflow (Reached 5000 ⭐)
    Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes

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