Let's Encrypt

465 (<1)
gke-letsencrypt — Tutorial for installing cert-manager on GKE get HTTPS certificates from Let’s Encrypt
Similar Let's Encrypt
141 (<1)
openshift-acme — ACME Controller for OpenShift and Kubernetes Cluster. (Supports e.g. Let's Encrypt)
1991 (<1)
kube-lego 0.1.7 — Automatically request certificates for Kubernetes Ingress resources from Let's Encrypt
4 (<1)
ghost-on-kubernetes — Build Ghost personal Blog on Kubernetes Google Cloud cluster with MySQL backend database, Nginx web server and LetsEncrypt SSL certificate
3 (<1)
aks-terraform-helm — Showcase for Azure, AKS, Terraform, Helm and Let's Encrypt
1 (<1)
k8s-ingress-letsencrypt — showcase kubernetes ingress with lets encrypt
8 (<1)
estafette-letsencrypt-certificate — Kubernetes controller that creates and renews Let's Encrypt SSL certificates in any secret with the correct annotations
3 (<1)
gke-grpc-example — Example of how to deploy gRPC (or a plain HTTP/2 server) on Google Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform that's compatible with Let's Encrypt for HTTPS/TLS at the load balancer level.
3 (<1)
k8-byexamples-wordpress — wordpress @ kubernetes. Persistent Volumes, ConfigMaps, Ingress, Let's Encrypt, oh my!
4 (<1)
kube-ingress-lets-encrypt — Kubernetes Ingress automatic Let's Encrypt certifcates

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