77 (<1)
legacy-kubernetes-app — Grafana App for Kubernetes
Similar Grafana
761 (<1)
colossus — Colossus — An example microservice architecture for Kubernetes using Bazel, Go, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, Minikube, Gazelle, gRPC, Prometheus, Grafana, and more
183 (<1)
kubernetes-app — A set of dashboards and panels for kubernetes.
134 (<1)
devstats — GitHub archives, git, GitHub API -> Postgres databases -> Grafana dashboards
299 (<1)
camilb/prometheus-kubernetes 2.1.0 — Monitoring Kubernetes clusters on AWS, GCP and Azure using Prometheus Operator and Grafana
587 (<1)
kubernetes-prometheus — Kubernetes Setup for Prometheus and Grafana
85 (<1)
kubernetes-grafana — The future of Grafana on Kubernetes with Prometheus.
177 (<1)
kubernetes-mixin — A set of Grafana dashboards and Prometheus alerts for Kubernetes.
18 (<1)
gke-istio-telemetry-demo — This project demonstrates how to use an Istio service mesh in a single Kubernetes Engine cluster alongside Prometheus, Jaeger, and Grafana, to monitor cluster and workload performance metrics. You will first deploy the Istio control plane, data plane, and additional visibility tools using the provided scripts, then explore the collected metrics and trace data in Grafana.

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