1360 (<1)
kubernetes-elasticsearch-cluster — Elasticsearch cluster on top of Kubernetes made easy.
Similar Elasticsearch
482 (<1)
elasticsearch-operator v0.2.0 — manages elasticsearch clusters
128 (<1)
helm-monitor v0.3.0 — Monitor K8S Helm release, rollback on metrics behavior (Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Sentry)
14 (<1)
gke-enterprise-demo — This demo aims to show what a fully-featured project running in Kubernetes Engine looks like. It includes Elasticsearch, a very popular open-source project for indexing and searching data, as well as some custom software to interface with it.
17 (<1)
elasticsearch-kubed — Starter files to deploy a high performance Elasticsearch cluster on Kubernetes running on either GCP or AWS
28 (<1)
efk-stack-helm — Helm chart to deploy a working logging solution using the ElasticSearch - Fluentd - Kibana stack on Kubernetes
118 (<1)
helm-elasticsearch — An Elasticsearch cluster on top of Kubernetes, made easier, with Helm.
2 (<1)
elasticsearch-kubernetes-searchguard — ElasticSearch 6.4+ based docker image with SearchGuard 6 for TLS Transport/REST for use in Kubernetes
51 (<1)
elasticsearch 0.10.0 — Run Elasticsearch in Kubernetes
1 (<1)
raaftech/elasticsearch v6.5.1 — A custom Elasticsearch setup using Docker and Kubernetes.


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